All You Need To Know To Feng Shui Your Apartment

If you want to harness the teachings of Feng Shui to attract money, love, health and well-being and good fortune into your life, you’ve come to the right place. Continue reading to discover a few simple yet effective tips to Feng Shui your apartment.

Rid your apartment of any unnecessary clutter:

One of the first steps which you should take is to rid your home of any unnecessary clutter. Clutter is an energy anchor that can prevent positive, new opportunities from entering your life. Worse yet, clutter can affect your mindset and cause you to feel stressed out, confused and pessimistic.

To create space for positive, life-changing opportunities to enter your life and feel happy and calm, it’s well worth getting rid of any items you no longer use. Instead, ensure that your home is full of objects that inspire you and fit the life you want to attract for yourself.

Ensure that each of the five elements are present in your apartment:

The five elements you should incorporate into your home design are earth, wood, fire, water and metal. Ideally, your home should feature an even balance of all five elements. For example, instead of filling your home exclusively with wooden furniture, you may want to select wooden furniture and metal furniture for your home.

Be careful about the symbolism of the items in your apartment:

The way that you furnish and decorate your home can affect your future. For example, if you have a single chair at a table or feature a piece of artwork containing a single figure, you may find it difficult to attract your dream partner into your life. Alternatively, if you place your mirror too high, you may find it challenging to live up to the standards you’ve set up for yourself.

Luckily, with a few tweaks to your home, you’ll be able to start manifesting the life that you desire. For example, if you want to fall in love, you may want to place two bedside tables in your room—one for you and one for your future partner.

Place your bed, stove and work desk in commanding positions:

To ensure that you’re in full control of every aspect of your life, carefully place your bed, stove and work desk in commanding positions. In Feng Shui, your bed represents you, your stove represents your finances, and your desk represents your career. To place each item in a commanding position, ensure that they view a door but aren’t in a direct line with it. If you correctly place your bed, stove and work desk, positive energy will flow into each area of your life.

Make sure that there are no obstacles in your path:

Think about the paths which you routinely take in your home and whether there are any obstacles in your path that you ignore. For example, are there any doors that don’t open and close smoothly or is there clutter in the home that you have to walk around? To ensure that obstacles aren’t placed in your life, rectify any physical obstacles which you’ve noticed in your home that you usually walk around.

Also, ensure that the path to your apartment door is always kept clear. As your door is the main portal through which energy enters and exits your home.

Place live plants in your apartment:

Being surrounded by nature can help you feel calm and relaxed, so it’s a great idea to place a few plants around your home. This will create a similar atmosphere to being outdoors. As an added bonus, plants are living beings and have their own chi. They can attract more energy into your life. Just remember to avoid placing fake plants in your apartment as they have the opposite effect of living plants.

So if you’re interested in using the basic teachings of Feng Shui to give your apartment a makeover, it’s well worth following all of the handy Feng Shui tips listed above. You might have done the best carpet cleaning job of your life, but alongside cleanliness, balance and harmony rank pretty highly. So give Feng Shui a go and take control of your life, attract love, money, health and good fortune.

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