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BaZi Calculator

BaZi or Chinese Astrology

For centuries the Chinese have been fascinated with the mystery of Chinese metaphysics. A Chinese Astrology or BaZi reading of the four items of your birth data allows you to delve into the great mysteries of life. This reading allows you to gain an interpretation of your destiny code written in the eight characters of your birth data.

Using the BaZI Calculator below

Find your BaZi ( 8 characters) by placing your year, month, day and hour of birth in the calculator below. Click Calculate to see your chart. Please Note: This calculator uses approximate times and is to be used as a guide and example only.

Are you interested in Chinese Astrology / BaZi Guidance and Counselling?

Every life situation is distinguished and assessed. The aim of reading your Eight Characters is to read the road map carefully before you embark on the chosen road trip. Knowing what course of action to take especially at a crossroad requires informed decisions.

Do you know what direction you are heading?

  • To know you are headed in the right direction you need to maximize your potential for personal/professional achievement, happiness and quality of life fulfilment.
  • To achieve the best possible outcome for entrepreneurial aspirations, business, politics you need to get you a leading edge in today’s competitive environment.
  • Using the expertise of a BaZi expert is the best piece of advice you can ever have. The rope Siou Foon throws you when you are drowning is made of the finest and strongest weave. That rope is strong enough to pull you out of the dangerous water. Think about it!

This is against your belief system …Why use Ba Zi when it takes the joy out of living?

What if someone enters a new territory and wants to reach a destination safely, in the shortest time possible without getting lost or experience the unexpected. How will two people fare?

NOW you usually follow your instincts to make decisions in life believing life has to be lived and experienced to learn from mistakes. You belong to the type who takes things as they come along with no need to plan and if things did not pan out the way you had expected, you learn to prepare next time. How would you fare in new territory as opposed to another who wants a memorable experience will get a GPS or a map for guidance and come out having enjoyed the experience.

If you are interested to get a personal GPS ask for a consult TODAY. BaZi or Chinese Astrology reading in a consult gives you that GPS to take the path of least resistance but arrive at your destination in the shortest time possible without getting lost.

What is surprising about life is there is no second chance to do the same thing again. Yes - another very different door of opportunity might open, but is it you that is shown that door? Life has a funny way of doing things. You might want opportunities but when it comes - Do you have the capacity and the preparedness for it? Think about it more!

What about Joy? Live life joyfully and give joy to others. The spirit of sharing joy and helping others joyfully is the best gift of all.

"Know the enemy and know yourself; in a hundred battles you will never be in peril” ~ Sun Tzu, The Art of War.
                                      Before you know the enemy do you really, really know yourself?
            ( Siou Foon dubs Chinese Metaphysics of Feng Shui And Chinese Astrology as “The Other Art Of War”)



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"The detail provided in Siou Foon’s personal consultations have really placed perspective, a true sense of direction & goals in life, allowing me to carefully prepare for upcoming pitfalls & giving me insight into methods of leveraging & understanding my strengths delivered to me by birthright ..." Gavin 2009 Manager, Financial Institution

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