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BaZi Reading

Chinese Astrology Chart Example

What is a Day Master?

Chinese Astrology System - Day Master BaZi Chart Example
The following BaZi chart example is for a male born on 18th May 1981 at 3.30 pm.

The character in the Day Pillar refers to this person born on 18th May 1981 @ 3.30 pm.
The Day Master for this person based on the Day Pillar Stem is Yin Wood.
The Year Pillar is Xin Yu, Yin Metal Rooster. The Month Pillar is Gui Si, Yin Water Snake.1111111
The Day Pillar is Yi Wei, Yin Wood Goat. The Hour Pillar is Jia Shen Yang Wood Monkey.

 Hour Pillar
 Day Pillar
 Month Pillar
 Year Pillar
 Yang Wood
 Yin Wood
 Yin Water
 Yin Metal
Heavenly Stem
Heavenly Stem
 Heavenly Stem
Heavenly Stem
Yang WoodYin WoodYin WaterYin Metal
monkey_feng shui innovations
goat_feng shui innovations
 snake_feng shui innovations rooster_feng shui innovations
 Monkey Goat Snake Rooster
 Yang Metal
 Yin Earth
 Yin Fire
 Yin Metal
 Earthly Branch
 Earthly Branch
 Earthly Branch
 Earthly Branch

7 Things You Must Remember About Chinese Astrology

  • The Year, Month, Day, Hour of Birth are referred to as The 4 Pillars of Destiny.
  • These Eight Characters are also known as BaZi (Ba – 8 and Zi characters )
  • The 4 Pillars of Destiny refers to the Year, Month, Day and the Hour of Birth.
  • The character on the top line belongs to one of the Ten Heavenly Stems.
  • The character on the bottom line refers to The Twelve Earthly Branches.
  • The Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches comprise of Five Elements.
  • The Five Elements are wood, fire, earth, metal, water

And 1 Thing You Must Not Forget

  • BaZi refers to Human/Man Luck which refers to your Action Skills Decisions.

More Information about BaZi / Chinese Astrology

The Chinese Astrology Expert/Practitioner will use The Five Elements to decode the Eight Characters. The reading is ananalysis your Heaven Luck. It is your destiny but destiny is not destined. It is not carved in stone. You cannot rewrite your Eight Characters as they are your birth rights. But you can improve on your destiny or mar your luck. That  is called Man Luck.The practitioner gives vital information and insights for you to use in your journey through life.

Ba Zi or Chinese Astrology reading gives you validation and more accurate information about what is to come  so you can align your life to achieve success, happiness or life fulfilment at the right time making informed decisions.

So what kind of Heaven Luck do you think you were given? AND what type of your Man Luck do you think you have?

Chinese Astrology – Personal and Business Services available:

  • Chinese Astrology readings are available for clients keen to have DOB analysed
  • For couples entering into a committed relationship interested to have DOB analysed
  • For partners forming business partnerships
  • For those keen to make informed decisions about creating relevant changes or currently at a crossroad
  • For those interested in guidance in life management including career, business or management options.

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