The bathroom sink has undoubtedly become in a few years the favourite sanitary equipment of the French. But the sink has not said its last word, revamped and design, it has become a real decorative element in its own right in the bathroom. So which one are you going to fall for?

Which basins and sinks?

The basin

The built-in wash-basins :

Modern and refined, they are either oval or round, or rectangular or square. They can match several materials depending on the desired style: porcelain, wood, marble, synthetic stone, ceramic or resin. The recessed model can be installed from above or from below on the washbasin cabinet. 

The washbasin:

The top and the basin form a single element for a very uniform rendering.

The taps are attached to the washbasin which can measure from 60 to 250 cm. An exceptional rendering that draws its inspiration from the best materials, such as the high-end industrial-style Coco model.

The countertop washbasins:

They are placed directly on the washbasin cabinet. They are easy to install and the centre of attention in small bathrooms. They compete in shapes: high, asymmetrical or perfectly straight.

The sink plays the independence card

With its faucet, the bathroom sink is sufficient on its own: it can be built into a piece of furniture. The advantage of a suspended model and therefore without afoot is that it can be fixed at the height you want and that it adapts to small bathrooms.

Single or double basin?

It all depends on the use, but choosing a double vanity or two sinks if you have a double or family bathroom may be wise. In addition to having space on the countertop, the storage solution can also come from the furniture. Opt for a suspended cabinet like the Halo cabinet, with generous dimensions: with its 160 cm, two drawers and two open niches, the tribe can get comfortable.

If you are only using it for washing your hands, you can choose a shallow solo basin. If it is your main water point and the use is family, choose it with a deep tank and gentle slopes to avoid splashing. Compact, the built-in version facilitates maintenance.

What shape of the basin to choose?

The square basin

In bathrooms, less than 4m2, choose a modern vanity unit equipped with handleless drawers for a clean look, but without removing storage. The square vessel basin is recessed and compact: 40 cm x 40 cm deep. It takes up very little space and does not encroach on storage. The square built-in washbasin brings an elegant touch to the bathroom. In the solo or duo version, it is placed under a mirror and becomes the central element of the piece.

The rectangular basin

To optimize space, the rectangular basin adapts without constraint to all surfaces: from the small bathroom to the family bathroom, up to 60 cm in length. 

The round basin

The round built-in washbasin is the solution for small bathrooms! When coloured, the round basin brings softness and femininity. Its curves soften the water space, especially if its edges are ultra-thin. In a two-tone version, its pastel shades of pink, green, etc. are soothing, while in a black or white version, it blends in with an industrial decoration.

The right dimensions

Special low budget, the square countertop washbasin fits perfectly into small bathrooms. In the solo version with its 40 cm x 40 cm, it can fit the washbasin cabinet down to the centimetre or, on the contrary, leave room for a wide installation range.

In ultra-thin models, it is difficult to fix the faucet on the ledges. It will therefore be placed on the countertop or fixed to the wall.

With its edges 14 cm high on average, the square countertop washbasin prefers high neck taps, a little extra to be expected in the budget! 

Making the Most of your Walls

If you’re interested in creating something unique and different, you may consider a glass feature wall in your bathroom. This can act as a splashback while adding imagery and colour to your otherwise bland walls.

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The countertop or built-in washbasin

The countertop washbasin

There are many combinations to choose your countertop washbasin. The advantage is that it does not encroach on the storage space, because only the siphon is in the volume of the cabinet. On a storage unit with open storage, you can reveal its siphon which blends into the decor if it is chrome and design. It is placed on shallow washbasins, i.e. 40 cm instead of the 60 cm usually required, and forms the upper part of a bathroom cabinet. It is a bit the central element of the room that catches the eye. It can be square, but with rounded edges or square and extra-thin to be forgotten.

The built-in washbasin

The advantage of the built-in washbasin is that the top and the washbasin are on the same level, there is only a slight demarcation. The basin is to be associated with a wooden countertop or a tiled countertop. The tub encroaches on the washbasin cabinet, so, inevitably, it leaves less storage space, but it is easier to clean.

Which material to choose?

New surfaces

To gain in comfort, opt for a mineral resin countertop. A strong and resistant material, the maintenance of which requires little effort. Choose it tone on tone for a harmonious look or on the contrary in a contrasting tone to make the basin stand out.

Thanks to new materials such as Solid Surface, a thermoformable mixture of natural components and acrylic which can take any shape by heating it, the basin takes on perfect flat curves.

Stone and raw materials

Most often in ceramic, however, there are river stone or water-repellent wood models that will give your bathroom a unique character. In granite, it imposes its raw material. We like the stainless steel models which impose their modernity. But if the stainless steel is impact resistant, it is less resistant to scratches. They are perfect for a Factory spirit bathroom, especially if you accompany it with a black faucet. 

Trendy models of washbasins

The right positioning

Some washbasin models are available without a tap hole: you will therefore need to provide sufficient space between the wall or the countertop and the washbasin to fix the tap. The positioning of the square built-in washbasin is traditionally centered. However, for a style effect and to have a wide depositing surface, the basin can be offset, to the left or to the right on the plan. Likewise, the tap can be placed on the front or on the side. In pairs, they play on perfect symmetry. 

The washbasin

An alternative is the vanity top, where the basin and the worktop form a single block. Cast in the same material, the basin remains square, but without demarcation with the countertop. A solution that seduces with its fluidity. The washbasin can be fixed to the wall or placed on a piece of furniture.

In grey tones, it energises the bathroom. It will be highlighted by a high and offset tap if you choose copper or black. It can be recessed from below or, for even more style, from above.

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