Interior Design: Home Lighting Tips

Right interior lighting not only increases the functionality of the home but also makes a home more appealing. You can boost the flattering ambience of the home by choosing lighting effects which perfectly matches with your home and improves its interior. The paint of the home, furniture present inside, and paint colour impact on the selection of interior lighting.  Similarly, you can’t ignore the amount of natural light that enters the room as  plays a decisive role in the final decision. Here are some interior designing tips which one should consider before making any decision.


Use a Variety of Lighting Styles

Always use different types of lights to make the home useful in every aspect.  Use task lighting in rooms for the night and also place accent lighting in the bedroom to create dramatic touch. Increase the appeal of the home by adding decorative lamps and highlight the beauty of the drawing room by installing ambient lights. Portable, wall mounted sconce lights
and fixtures, and ceiling mounted fixture should be present in the home to track and utilise the lights in the best possible way.


Consider Energy Consumption

Never forget your budget and prefer compact fluorescent bulbs on traditional bulbs. Nowadays, fluorescent bulbs are also available in different colours which you can use to create the desired theme. Moreover, try to utilise natural light and opt for those lights that perfectly merge with natural light and give bright impact.




Check the Nature of the Room

The nature of the room is also an important factor that is hard to ignore. Study room and kitchen require bright lights while you can install dim light themes in bedrooms. Place lamps in rooms so you don’t find any difficulty if want to study in the room. The effectiveness of the lights also varies with the position of the light. You need bulbs above and each side of the mirror in the bathroom while placing a bulb exact on television will really irritate the viewers by producing sharp glare.

Maximise Task Lightening

It’s not wrong to say that task lighting is the most effective and valuable choice for families where kids dislike dim environment and they need bright room for study. Stitching, cooking, and other household tasks can’t be accomplished without proper lighting. However, you can bring versatility by adding lamps in every room.


Triangle Pattern

Most experts prefer triangle pattern so you get light from all sides. Place bulb behind the sofa and at the back side of the bed so they don’t produce any shadow of the object. Triangular pattern spread light evenly in all ways. Before installing a bulb, think about the shadow where it will fall so you don’t have to make amendments later.

Don’t forget dimmer switches and never pick the wrong size fixture if you don’t want to disturb your interior lighting later. Installing only one source of lights and ignoring the room temperature while selecting the colour of light may cause difficulties in future. Proper planning is the key of successful interior lighting because you can ruin the entire appearance in haste.

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